Does Dr. Hope only see adults? 
Dr. Hope’s office sees children and adults. His advanced training in general and cosmetic Dentistry is just as important to his younger patients. 

What does MAGD stand for? 
The MAGD initials indicate a Masters in the Academy of General Dentistry. This degree requires a dentist to obtain a fellowship prior to study for his or her Mastership. For more information, click here

At what age should I bring my children to the dentist? 
Children should see a dentist at 2 or 3 years old. Important information can be given to the parents about their child at this age. Clinical exams can also reveal cavities and other development concerns. 

Does the office accept dental insurance? 
The office does participate with Insurance companies. We do our best to help our patients receive maximum advantage from their insurance benefits. 

Are payment options available for patients with extensive dental needs? 
Yes. We have a variety of payment plans available. We accept most major credit cards as well as scheduled monthly payments. The Care Credit option offers a 0% monthly financial plan to give all out patients access to treatments needed. Senior citizen discounts are also available. 

Does Dr. Hope do Cosmetic Dentistry? 
Dr. Hope is involved in all aspects of esthetic dentistry. He prides himself in participating in regular continuing education to keep up with the latest techniques and options in cosmetic dentistry. 

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